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Monday, July 25, 2016

bitkingdom get help (GH)



In Bitkingdom have a good system for Get Help (GH), you no need to confirm transfer, all automatic by system. First thing Get Help is a withdrawal you Bitcoin in the system, your Bitcoin can send to another wallet, you can sell  your Bitcoin, or you can re-deposit to Bitkingdom, you must read and understand the Ideology
Simple Ideology is, if you get withdrawal (Get Help) as son as possible you must provide Help again, but everything is depends on you, read carefully and understood about our Ideology
GH system in Bitkingdom have a 2 method, first in 10 day you can withdrawal your profit only, but you can withdrawal if your profit has reach More than 0.1 BTC, but you wil charge Token, so recommendation is waiting 30 day so you can withdraw all your bitcoin (deposit and profit)
First, if you wanna take profit only, follow this step. Go to Get Help (GH) tab, and you will see the big green box, this is your profit, if your profit More than 0.1 BTC profit will se in the green Box, if low than 0.1 BTC you cannot withdraw your profit.

You can send your Bitcoin to your BK wallet first (no charge), your bitcoin will arrive about 1-2 hour normal day, if your Bitcoin has arrive to BK Wallet you can send your Bitcoin to another wallet, or you can use for re-deposit, it’s no problem, depend on you what you want, take what you need.
Step two if you wanna compound your Bitcoin 30 days you can get 30% profit from your bitcoin Deposit (Provide Help), the step is easy, after 30 days in your Provide Help tab, you can see the red button “END PH” just one click.

Your PH deposit and profit will ended and you can check GET HELP (GH) tab on your Account, your Bitcoin has arrive on green box, if you already have token, you can sent your Bitcoin at the time to your BK Wallet, wait until 1-2 hour send process, and your Bitcoin will available on your BK Wallet and ready for sent to another wallet or you want re-deposite again, it’s depend on you, take the bitcoin what you need and you can deposit again for get 30% profit again.

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