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Monday, July 25, 2016

How to install telegram app

We would like to announce the birth our BitKingdomBot that is available in telegram today. Say Hello to BitKingdomBot

BitKingdomBot is a friendly bot that will help us on our daily needs. Let me tell you what BitKingdomBot can do for you.


1.It tells you when someone logs in your account
As a security precautions, BitKingdomBot will alert you every time someone or even yourself logs in into your BitKingdom account. This is to ensure that your account is always secure and has not been compromise by an attacker.

2. It helps you with your 2FA problems
We all have those frustration moments where we request for 2FA registration and SMS never comes because of your telco blocking those sms. Fret no more, with BitKingdomBot you can easily ask for your 2FA Token Code by just telling him /2fa. BitKingdomBot will run and fetch those numbers for you. You dont even need Authy or Google Authenticator anymore.

3. It can RESET your 2FA for you
Feeling compromised? Not to worry, tell BitKingdomBot to /reset2fa and BitKingdomBot will reset your 2fa and return you with your new secret key. You can be worry free about having your 2FA secret exposed to someone else.


In future we plan to have more functionality for the bot:

1. Alert you when earnings goes in i.e. profit, referral, pairing.
2. Alert you when your downline PH/GH.
3. Alert you when you have a PM.
4. Change password
5. Send BTC to someone
6. Send CASH to someone
7. Tells you a story of your account performance.
8. Whisper to you your GH Balance / Wallet Balance.
9. ... and many more ... Suggestions please :)


1. Download Telegram in AppStore or PlayStore.
2. Register your telegram with your phone.
3. Search "BitKingdomBot"
bot bitkingdom 1
4. Click /start
5. Top right click Share My Contacts (for Android)
Your phone: (Example: +841685521805)
bot bitkingdom 3
5. Click on the paperclip icon (for iPhone and window phone)
bot bitkingdom 4
   bot bitkingdom 5

...and you're DONE!
bot bitkingdom 6
Click: /2fa
Done. Enjoy the bot and welcome, to the bot age ....

Join Now! 想了解更多 Line 我 :michyangel QQ: 1034940673

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